Tools for your Website

In connection with the Web 2.0 you hear more and more about so-called Mashups. This is the (re-)combination of several already existing contents on your own homepage.

With our Homepage Tools offers the possibility to use some of the interesting functions relatively simply on your own homepage or in a forum. For this it is only necessary to insert a small code snippet on the desired page, for example.

In addition to the integration on your homepage we also offer the possibility to integrate our interactive banner for example in your forum signature. For the integration we have added the BBCode in addition to the HTML code, which supports many forum platforms. Please note that the code may look different depending on the forum software used.

Terms of Use / Notes

The use of the widget and the banners is at your own risk. Furthermore, we assume no liability for the functionality and correctness of the data provided by the service. Please check the integration on a regular basis, as there will certainly be changes to the web address and/or the appearance.

For the commercial use of the service an explicit permission by us is necessary. For this we would like to ask you to leave us a small message.

We would also like to point out that it is not permitted to change or manipulate the source code provided by us or to read out the automatically or manually output data (e.g. to create statistics or your own services).

Examples / Source Code

Banner 1: 468x60 Pixel

Beispiel 1

Source code for website
<!-- Banner 468x60: Start -->
<a href="" title=" - Dein kostenloser IP Check im Internet">
	<img src="" width="468" height="60" alt=" - Dein kostenloser IP Check im Internet" style="border: 0px none" />
<!-- Banner 468x60: Ende -->
Source code for discussion forums

Banner 2: 250x250 Pixel

Banner 2

Source code for website
<!-- Banner 250x250: Start -->
<a href="" title=" - What is my IP?">
	<img src="" width="250" height="250" alt=" - What is my IP?" style="border: 0px none" />
<!-- Banner 250x250: Ende -->
Source code for discussion forums

Homepage Widget: 336x280 Pixel

Loading informationen
Source code for website
<!-- Widget: Start -->
<div id="DeinIpCheckContent">Lade IP-Informationen</div>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<!-- Widget: Ende -->